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THINK WMS integrates perfectly with the Automotive Industry

Our WMS product started life in the automotive industry. A simple product at its inception, managing full pallet receipts and storage, it soon expanded to include line-feeding and sequencing to line.

As our automotive customer base expanded so did our automotive offering, which now includes full kitting, kanban and sequencing modules allowing you full flexibility in managing your inventory levels. We can offer an inventory management solution to support any method of manufacture and supply. As many of our consultants have significant experience in lean manufacturing techniques, we therefore are able to quickly understand your requirements and offer unique solutions. A full range of lineside replenishment techniques are supported based around customer takt, reorder levels and critical levels with automatic escalation systems that can be tailored to your individual requirements.


THINK consultants worked with Magna and BMW personnel as an integral part of a project team to design and implement logistics processes to meet the ever demanding requirements of the Automotive Industry...


Our Approach

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