Food Industry

THINK WMS integrates perfectly with the Food Industry

With a number of clients within the food industry, THINK WMS has evolved to support the specialised requirements of an industry which by definition is heavily regulated and time critical.

Full support is given to monitoring stock based on Best Before and Use By dates. THINK WMS will support and record your compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), enabling you to define requirements with pass and fail criteria throughout the process, providing colour coded feedback, via the handheld, to the operator. For example the system can record the initial arrival temperature of frozen or chilled food along with the final temperature when the last item of stock is off loaded with pass fail limits automatically checked with a traffic light system to warn the user of any breach.

THINK WMS has a comprehensive labelling package that supports the relabelling of stock for final customer labelling either at point of receipt or point of despatch to allow branding for supermarkets etc.

Monitoring of time critical processes such as product moving into blast freezing within required timings is available along with batch tracking for retrospective recall notifications.

In addition to full batch control tracking and the usual stock rotation functionality with the required privileges a user can override FIFO (First In First Out) principles to allow the use of stock with longer expiry dates for long distance shipping.


The facility is now on line and fully operational and, with the inbuilt scalability we developed with them, they are now looking at expanding again which will effectively triple t heir original size...


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